Aims and Objectives
Learning Knowing Achieving aims to be the “provider of choice” for employers and employees in South Australia. We will achieve this ambitious goal through the collaborative development of learning opportunities that are directly relevant to the needs of each organization.
We aim to instil lasting skills, attitudes and knowledge in individual participants that will enhance the performance of the organization long after our contribution is over.
We will continuously develop our offerings in the light of feedback from our delivery. And we will also be prepared to extend our range of offerings wherever a need for additional subject matter is identified.

Corporate Values
LKA aims  to offer organizations  the training they need in the location that it is needed, at a time that is convenient  and to  the standard that they demand and that meets Australian Skills Quality Authority Training Framework requirements as a minimum.

By so doing, our guiding principle is to increase the productivity of each organization by enhancing  the skills and behaviour of participants in each course. LKA stands ready to be judged on the lasting effects of its training and the benefits that training brings to each organization

We aim to provide our service in a lean and efficient manner. Our facilitators are drawn from a representative selection of backgrounds with deep experience in the fields of study that they deliver. Much of our content is delivered in a blended format to facilitate learning in an increasingly time poor world. We also aim to support our participants with a rich array of e-learning tools to stimulate and encourage their interest in each subject they study.